Key Features

Target groups

Active Professionals

High performance demands, the pressure to achieve more, fatigue and burnout with no time for recuperation is the state that many professionals find themselves in today. With the TalisLife health trainer, these people can discover a set of solutions to identify stress-induced health risks, and learn how to deal with them with personalized lifestyle modifications, and suggestions for how to apply them in order to make sustainable changes.

Executives or Entrepreneurs

Personal performance can be taken to the next level with scientific breakthroughs and new techniques. High levels of work stress and performance demands are part of everyday life for executives. It’s best for them to learn good health habits and coping strategies sooner rather than later. We’ve developed a special feature that brings all that’s needed to stay on top, including a ground-breaking seminar that can be delivered online or in a corporate setting.


More and more millennials state that they want to be actively healthy. It’s important for them to be well-educated consumers, rather than passive patients. Studies show also that much more young employees (aged 20-35) are hit by work/life stress. They are also interested in using remote options to connect with their doctor or pharmacist as an alternative to in-person office visits. With TalisLife, they’re in control, educated and supported all the way.

Those over 55

Although the risk of developing chronic health problems increases with age, healthy habits like staying active and eating well can bring both short and long terms benefits. Maintaining a social element is also essential: sharing health data with doctors or pharmacists, and interacting with family and friends is important. TalisLife delivers personalized health-related information each month that’s designed to maintain health and wellbeing.

Sportsmen and women

High physical workloads with insufficient recovery time can result in serious injury, illness and burnout. Sports training is generally beneficial to one’s overall health status and wellbeing, but many athletes – professional or not -need support in monitoring the effects of their training. Using TalisLife’s MindBodyCoherence module with Heart Rate Variability biofeedback can give deeper insights into how physical training is really affecting the body.

Health Professionnals

The TalisLife app is a science based mobile health app that will be available in late 2017. It will have a new features to assist health professionals, pharmacists and personal health trainers or coaches in their daily practices to facilitate data gathering, sharing, and monitoring to help their clients.


Corporations face high risks when employees suffer from overwork, fatigue and early burnout. Poorer performance is the result.

TalisLife’s Stress Relief and Energy Booster can help to reverse that trend.

Here are some facts and figures that might make you pause:

  • 93% of corporate leaders “feel somewhat fatigued,” which can be the first sign of eventual burnout[1]
  • Fatigue, exhaustion and burnout are partly linked to depression. By 2020, depression is predicted to become the second leading cause of disease worldwide [2]
  • Fatigue and other lifestyle related issues cost Sweden’s 100 biggest companies SEK 74 billion a year[3] (about £7.5 billion)

[1] Harvard Medical School (May 2013)

[2] The World Health Organization (2010)

[3] Dagens Industri March 2014

My HealthLounge

With the TalisLife App, users can also build their own HealthLounge at home. The App interprets data and provides personalized feedback when it’s connected to various home health devices, such as smart scales, blood pressure devices, pedometers, oximeters, and pulsed magnetic field therapy devices. Users can also set up remote connections to their health professionals, pharmacists or doctors for additional guidance and support.

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